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No man or woman is an island.  The power if synergistic cooperation can only be harnessed through effective and efficient teamwork.  Thus, training the members of the team is core to the success of any company in this new age of rapid change.  When each member of the team works in harmony with one another, the level of performance and service produced is nothing short of true professionalism and energy to move the organization forward!


This program is suitable for all employees of the organization.


At the end of this program participants should be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand yourself and others better
  • Improve your level of cooperation within the team, making achieving company projects easier
  • Increase your creativity as a team and generating ideas
  • Work in improved harmony and communicate better
  • Become more competitive, motivated & goal-oriented leader and team member


Adventure Experience target to inculcate into each participant (through interactive learning, games, role-playing and experiential fun indoor and outdoor adventure activities) the importance of working as a professional team. Throughout the session, participants will learn the core aspects of what makes a successful, contributing to the profitability of their company.

At the end of the workshop, participants will hold in their hands specific skills , concepts and experiences that can propel their team and company toward greater professionalism and as a result, greater profitability.


Session 1 – Teamwork And Leadership : team Dynamics

  • Participants will understand more about their own personality and learn to develop a sense of personal confidence to work with others (“When I can like myself, I will also like my team mates)
  • Participants will learn to focus on the strength of each team member (How you see your surroundings will determine whether you regard your team positively or negatively)
  • Participants learn how to remain positive throughout the workday as part of a team (How to avoid letting personal unhappiness affect the performance of the team)

Activities : Pyramid Building / Helium Stick

Session 2 – Teamwork And Leadership : Trust Building

  • Participants will learn the importance of expressiveness in the survival of a team’s trust
  • Assertiveness : If team members keep their true feelings repressed, the mechanisms within the team will eventually blow up. Participants learn the keys to effective gentle assertiveness
  • Sensitivity ; If we go about our day without noticing that our team members are hurt / unhappy, the team will grind to a halt. Participants learn how to identify with their own feelings and how these feelings affect their team mates.

Activity : Jungle Tracking

Session 3 – Teamwork And Leadership : Focus Objectives

  • Participants learn how to identify team members who unconsciously bring down the morale of others & how to identify the above traits in themselves
  • Participants learn how to harmonize their personal priorities as members of a coherent entity.
  • Participants will also be more aware of focus efforts to achieve a common objective for the team

Activity : Silent Tower

Session 4 – Teamwork And Leadership : Team Energy

  • Participants will learn to let go of identity and relate to one another truly as a human being without inhibition and relate to one another in a high-touch emotional instead of the traditional intellectual level.
  • Participants will comprehend that intellectual understanding of team and leadership concept is of little practical value without emotional involvement
  • Participants appreciate the importance of systems in accomplish team task effectively and efficiently

Activities : Paint Ball / XY Game