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A team comprises a group of purposeful people working together in an extraordinary way, trusting one another, complementing each other’s strengths, and compensating each other’s limitations.

A team embraces collective super ordinate goals that are larger than any of the individual goals, and together they produce superior results. Winning teams continuously work together on attaining their missions. It must have a purpose. It must be focused. Members of the team must develop shared values in action.

  1. Background

Training skills, which are very much experiential basing on NLP, provides effective and organized team building through specialized facilitation.

Teamwork between employers, managers and employees in different employment levels is crucial in the workplace. Miscommunication between these departments often results in disruptive working conditions that can place unnecessary pressure on employers.

Without specialized assistance to

better the 4 pillars of an effective


  1. Communication
  2. Positivity
  3. Focus and
  4. Trust

Employers are often exposed to huge financial risks when having to deal with unproductive employees or even labor disputes.

As an Experiential Learning Trainer Certified Professional Training Coach, consistently pursue and maintain long-term relationships with its clients and to empower companies to work with positive and trustworthy employees.

Every training program is customized for each group, which means that no two programs that are ever the same. Your team and company are unique. Approach to meeting your needs ensures that your team building experience is relevant to your specific company or team.

  1. Facilitation:

The Facilitation will initially start up with the aim of improving your company’s morale by “Adding value to the client’s businesses through effective and organized team building”. Our Trainer always take great pride in the team building services that he provide. His programs are effective, hands on and comprehensive  team  building  sessions  to  assist  employers  in  dealing  with  common  staff  related challenges and thereby creates a productive working environment

One of the key benefits of the team building sessions is that he customize his material to be in- line with our client’s specific needs and, where available, case studies and exercises relevant to the clients industry is added to simplify the learning experience for the attendees.

  1. Program Scope

The Team Building-TEAM “fun”-damentals program is designed to explore further the concept of team building and team synergy for organization to get maximum results from their people. The following are the enablers used in the program.

–  New and Creative Ways of achieving Goals

–  Challenge Norms

–  Continuously Break Barriers

–  Focused on Change

TEAM “fun”-damentals will create the true meaning of working together in teams while maintaining interdependency among individuals.

Most organizations can identify problems between their employees or group of employees. These problems can be caused by numerous factors.

TEAM “fun”-damentals can assist in minimizing and even eliminating these factors by providing effective and organized team building to all operational managers, HR personnel, supervisors and any employee.

These sessions will install trust that the company values every employee and that working together to achieve goals is a priority for the company.

As an Experiential Learning Trainer Certified Professional Training Coach, our trainer sincerely believe that by establishing good sound communication skills, positivity whilst working, focus and trust between employees in the workplace through team building, will assist our clients to become Employers of choice and empower them to achieve their desired goals with positive and trustworthy employees

  1. Proposed Delivery

The team building programs are designed for a targeted group. We designed each program to maximize participation and practical learning through

  • Scheduled group discussions
  • Case scenario based questionnaires
  • Customized role play’s emphasizing carefully selected
  • Customized activities situations specific to the relevant work   place

Our Trainer and program facilitators are experienced and skilled, who are able to draw real world situations into the learning and team building environment. They are furthermore carefully selected and developed to facilitate learning by maximizing group participation and interaction.
Each participant is provided with their own handout and quick reference guide to ensure retention of new concepts. Our electronic presentations encourage interaction and interest in the subjects at hand.

Upon completion of TEAM “fun”-damentals, participants will be able to:

  • Have empathy towards others
  • Create harmony at the work place
  • Deal with the rapid changes at work
  • Alternate their role as a Leader and Follower
  • Appreciate diversity and working in teams
  • Enhance the relationship among the team members
  • Analyze the internal climate and deal with it
  • See issues in their organization in a refreshing perspective