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Humanlogy Training Resources PLT

About Us
In 2006 an enthusiastic group of diverse background come together and founded Humanlogy Training Resources. Many were professional public speakers, corporate trainers in team building programs and motivational programs, facilitators with good people skills and a dynamic sales team. The founding team were highly successful individuals. Humanlogy Training Resources PLT their business platform, working in tandem with Malaysian companies on business objectives company missions and visions. These individuals worked and traveled all over in Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Australia and Taiwan. Humanlogy is a leading training and learning academy provider with an objective to empowering building a knowledgeable competitive productive individuals in the ever changing market and industry challegers. Humanlogy specialzie in end to end, total solution team building, our team of professionals with more than 20 years experience will formulate results orientated details with fun filled learning points. Team builders in Humanlogy formulate methodologies ensuring an effective efficient result orientated successful event. Humanlogy also; is an Authorized Android Training and Test Center, Autodesk Training Center for individuals and students with skills in designing, programming, mobile application development, interactive game development. All our Android and Autodesk modules are created to cater for creative indiviuals self development with one on one coaching, students will master and achieve their creative goals. International and worldwide recognized bodies and companies seek creative indivduals.

Android Accreditation and Certifications and Diploma 3D Animation program enables individual and students a competitive advantage with a professional future. We always emphasize our main objective toward connecting with everyone, and a mind, to improve standard of living, result orientated, a better interpersonal skill, a healthy mind set and increase productivity towards a better working & living environment.